“Experience the Flavors of Vegetarian Bliss at Mezbaan”
- Authentic Vegetarian Restaurant!
“Discover the Art of Vegetarian Dining at Mezbaan”
- Where Flavors Come Alive!
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Fresh Ingredients

We believe that the key to creating exceptional dishes starts with the finest ingredients. At Mezbaan, we source the freshest produce from local farmers, ensuring

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Skilled Chefs

Our team of experienced chefs is passionate about vegetarian cooking. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they artfully blend traditional and

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Homemade Spices

The secret behind our tantalizing flavors lies in our homemade spices. Our chefs carefully handpick, grind, and blend an array

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Catering Services

Mezbaan extends its expertise beyond our restaurant doors. We take immense pride in providing top-notch catering services for weddings and other

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Have a Enjoyable Time With Food

"Indulge in our exquisite flavors and savor the joy of every bite."

About Us

Mezbaan is derived from the Urdu language, which carries a beautiful and profound meaning in the context of our restaurant. In Urdu, “mezbaan” refers to the gracious host or the person who warmly welcomes guests into their home and ensures their comfort and satisfaction. It symbolizes the spirit of hospitality, generosity, and genuine care for guests, which are the very values we embody at Mezbaan.

At Mezbaan, we take immense pride in serving pure vegetarian dishes that are crafted with passion and rooted in authenticity. Located in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional culinary experience that delights every food enthusiast who walks through our doors.

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Our Menu

Special selection

Combo Menu

Popular Main Course

Veg Dum Biryani


Patiala paneer

Opening Hours Of Mezbaan

Our doors are open to serve you the best vegetarian delights during our convenient opening hours. Join us for a memorable dining experience.

Monday - Thursday

12 pm to 11 pm

Friday - Sunday

12 pm to 11 pm

Our Testimonial

Good Reviews By Clients

A must visit pure veg restaurant. Food is tasty here and we had dinner just 30 mins before their closing hours but within 10 mins the starter and the main course was served at the closing hours and dishes were as fresh as the morning opening hours. Each and every dish was good. Special Hindi Biryani : 5/5 Dhum Biryani: 5/5 Paneer Tikka: 5/5 Fruit Punch: 5/5 Vegetarian options: It's a Pure veg restaurant. Parking: Valet parking is available.

Pavan Bandari

Wonderful food & ambience. They have good menu with loads of options. Good for family dining. Loved the service of Mr. Ravinder. Very good suggestions by him & smart suggestions based on guest preference. Most other younger servers were good mannered too with a couple exceptions. Overall a great dining experience & we will visit again with family.


Tasty food and authentic Veg dishes available. Staff especially Captain - Sharma is very Hospitable and Leads his staff to cater all customers any time. Makes you feel at home especially If you are open to talk and discuss friendly! I had a great time with family...

K. Viswanathan Dinakaran

Good food .. must visit and if you want to try vegetarian dishes. We went for lunch and selected buffet. Buffet has good variety of options. Best thing is the tasty food with different vegetarian options

abhilash avvaru

Mezbaan is a welcome addition of fine dining family restaurant near Begumpet. The ambience is chic and is done well with pastel colours giving it a vibrant look . Also it has a PDR for capacity upto 25 pax . My favourite dishes to try here will be Veg cheese ball Malai kofta Burnt garlic soup Paneer kebab Gulab jamun Shahi tukda.

Basith Ali

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in city. Food and ambience was very good here. Cleanliness is a major factor and the staff was helpful too. We took buffet but I suggest people to have alacarte here as it has more options than buffet. The G Maps shows the location on the other side at times opposite to police station, so drive carefully.

Mohammed Iqbal Saleem

One of the best pure veg restaurants that I have been to. I would rate this restaurant higher than Chutneys. The starters in this restaurant are top-notch. Would highly recommend people to try their starters more Vegetarian options: This is a pure veg restaurant and the tandoori starters that they provide are really good. Haven't had such a positive experience with a restaurant for a long time

Balaji T.E.

One of the best vegetarian restaurants I have ever tried. The food was delicious the ambiance is on point. The prices are slightly on a higher side but it’s worth a try if you are a vegetarian. I would love to visit again.

Aishwarya Pai